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 A fairy landscape of connection and discovery Photocredits: Romy Finke & Morena Bamberger


The story of reinconnection

A fairy landscape of connection and discovery

Re-in-connection, 2018 – Mixed media installation – 25 x 12 meters – First exhibited at  Graduationshow Maastricht Academy of Fine arts and Design.

Materials: Plastic, fabric, daily materials, paintings, wool, video projection, paper, glitters, sculptures , atributes, lights , wind blowers , mixed media technique 



Reinconnection is one of Morena’s biggest art-installations where she invites her audience into a magical mixed-media fairy-cave full of sculptures, movements, projections ad paintings. ‘’Its important to unveil the purest inner-source of my audience by triggering the imaginary world of their inner-child. Every single object in this artwork is a living entity of an alternative universe’’. Before the audience can pass trough the installation, they will find themselves in an entrance-room guarded by two gatekeepers. In order to merge into another world, these gatekeepers dress people up with simple objects like instruments, masks, lights, plumeau’s or bubble-blowers.  Once people are dressed, the installation starts to live a life on its own like a biotope of natural interaction, playfulness, discovery and wonder. Important themes in this artwork are the expansion of consciousness and reconnection with our forgotten and intuitive inner-worlds, our fellow-souls, and the invisible spheres of daily live. By processing sounds, scent, moving fabrics, colorful sculptures, light effects and cozy places to lie down, this installation will introduce people to another dimension of experiencing matter.

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