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Canis Lunatic

Photocredits: Dani Silvia & Morena Bamberger

Dani Silvia -  PLP301022-9135.jpg

Canis Lunatic

An alienbreed telling an ancient story

Canis lunatic, 2018 – Sculpture installation, first exhibitied at Klooster Wittem The Netherlands

Materials: Wool, tinfoil, gasmasks, gemstones , glitters , mannequins, wind blower, lights, tiny sculptures



In this sculptural installation Morena introduces ‘’an ancient breed’’ to her audience, named the ‘Canis Lunatics’. We see four pink alien-like beings covered in tinfoil and wearing glamorous masks. They walk in a parade while colorful threads of wool are shooting from their fingertips. ‘’These threads represent streams of invisible energy’. At the front of this parade you’II notice a funny element of small dinosaur-figures leading the way like dogs on a leash. Also in this installation Morena played with a surreal scenery, spectacular lights and moving threads driven by windblowers. ‘’We humans are not the only ones in this never-ending universe. The Canis Lunatics tell an ancient story about another way of perceiving and connecting with multiple realities. They inspire us to activate our hidden sensory forces and to expand our intuitive consciousness. If dinosaurs walk as dogs on a leash, then the Canis Lunatics must be the ones who domesticated them. Does that mean that these giant Lunatics observed the earth for millions of years? Then tell me, who are we’’?

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