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Art is my kind of magic


When the pureness of creative energy flows like a passionate river trough my veins, I feel like the most blessed being in our infinite universe.

When I create I’ll enter in a sacred space of oneness, knowing that everything I’ve ever experienced will be forever enriching in an upward spiral of bliss.  

Knowing, that all the things that bloom from this spiral will forever spread light at our consciousness.

Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

My artwork is a pure reflection of my deepest perception of mother earth and the multiverses surrounding her soul.Most elements are whispering a mythical story of the invisible spheres we cannot perceive in our daily lives.I encourage my audience to unlock their hidden sensory powers and to hear what these mythical elements are whispering.


From a strong meditative connection with source I create colorful art-installations, paintings, video’s, and sculptures that look otherworldly.

When this happens I feel like the universe is painting a tale of wisdom and I’ll be the brush dancing on a canvas. By processing vulnerable materials, scent, movement and sound, I’ ll guide people towards the source of intuitive discovery.

My dream is to truly embrace the beauty of vulnerability,  

to make room for reconnection, healing and miracles.

Zwarte lucht
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