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Stairway to the stars

Invisible stairway towards a celestial realm

Title: Stairway to the stars, 2023

Material: Acrylic on black paper

Original size: 50 x 70 cm

Editions: 10 unique copies in the world

All prints are numbered and signed by Morena Bamberger

This visionary painting tells the story of the most powerful spirits of the animal kingdom.

The spirits of these animals walk in an invisible stairway towards a celestial realm.

A storm of stardust, wind, snow and energy surrounds them while they keep moving upwards.

They follow each other into the light and finally become beings of light themselves.

When our time comes, there is a place for all of us, they whisper in the howling wind.

And this message has long been carved in the stars.

We keep on moving in a new journey where we guide and protect those who walk the earth.

Morena Bamberger

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