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Nachtelijke hemel

Visionary paintings

Creations arise from a deep connection with the universal source of our existance

The visionary paintings and drawings Morena makes arise from a deep state of connection with the infinite multiverse. She portraits beings, dimensions and surroundings she discovered while entering an invisible spirit-world through astral traveling, channelling or deep shamanic trances. ‘’When I close my eyes and align with the source within me, I find myself connected with the divine source that surrounds me. When this this happens I am in a serene state of oneness, painting a never-ending story of all I see, hear, touch or feel. I call this channeling’’. Most paintings are about the visons she received while dreaming or channeling, others reveal magical and spiritual experiences trough her life. Morena’s clairvoyant skills started when she was only a young Sinti-girl who was raised in a Sinti settlement. For centuries gipsy’s like the Sinti’s are well known for their intuitive skills, close relations with mother-nature, their passionate music, fires, and romantic nomadic lifestyle.


‘’My family is a source of inspiration for me because they don’t believe in a clock that wakes you up to go to school or work. They measure the value of time with an inner compass: A free heart’’. When I paint with a  heart like this I can capture the spheres of my spiritual adventures very accurately’’.

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