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When the pureness of creative energy flows like a passionate river trough my veins, I feel like the most blessed being in our infinite universe.

When I create I’ll enter in a sacred space of oneness, knowing that everything I’ve ever experienced will be forever enriching in an upward spiral of bliss.  

Knowing, that all the things that bloom from this spiral will

forever spread light at our consciousness.


My artwork is a pure reflection of my deepest perception of mother earth and the multiverses surrounding her soul.Most elements are whispering a mythical story of the invisible spheres we cannot perceive in our daily lives.I encourage my audience to unlock their hidden sensory powers and to hear what these mythical elements are whispering.


From a strong meditative connection with source I create colorful art-installations, paintings, video’s, and sculptures that look otherworldly.

When this happens I feel like the universe is painting a tale of wisdom and I’ll be the brush dancing on a canvas. By processing vulnerable materials, scent, movement and sound, I’ ll guide people towards the source of intuitive discovery.

My dream is to truly embrace the beauty of vulnerability,  

to make room for reconnection, healing and miracles.

Zwarte lucht


The artwork of Morena Bamberger is a visual and accessible expression of a deep emotional connection between herself, others and planet earth with all her powers and mysteries of the universe.


Nature, spirituality, sincere connections and astral traveling between different dimensions form a central theme.

She creates artworks by working from a mediative state.

The borders between her art and her work as healer and coach seams diffuse. She perceives her work as a portal between our daily reality and a more hidden but equal reality where mysticism, energieflow, ancient powers, archetypes and soul-connections play an important role.

Her wish to make deep harmonious connections emerges from her Sinti-Background: ‘’ In the Sinti Culture nature, traveling, music, sound, fire and connecting people forms an important aspect. These values are always present in my artwork at a subconscious level’’


Her colorful installations paintings, video’s and sculptures are made of simple materials like paper, fabric, plastic, tinfoil, light, air and bubbles.

Her work is mostly cloaked in pink, turquoise and purple, which creates a certain warmth, attraction and wellbeing.

The used symbols and shapes refer to cosmic connections, shamanism and magic.

The visitors can experience her artwork with all their senses, but for Morena is it also important to touch their inner worlds and energy.

She creates surrealistic worlds between dream and reality, where people can call on their imagination and make deep connections with each-other and with an inner spiritual self.


Morena Bamberger graduated in 2018 at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design where she accomplished  her Bachelor Fine Art. In 2019 she was an artist in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht. She won the Gilbert de Bontridderaward and the Henriëtte Hustinxaward (both in 2018) and in 2019 the Limburgs Beeldende Kunst Stipendium. 


Source: Translated exhibition text of the Parkstadlimburgaward 2022, Schunck museum

De sterren



Morena’s artistic skills started when she was only a young Sinti-girl who was raised in a Sinti-camp. For centuries gipsy’s like the Sinti’s are well known for their intuitive skills, close relations with mother-nature, their passionate music, fires, and romantic nomadic lifestyle. But unfortunately Sinti's and Roma were persecuted and banned for centuries because of their exotic looks and traditional nomadic lifestyle. During the second Worldwar half a‘milion Sinti were deported and brutally killed. And this left a huge scar on the entire community.

Morena never talks about this ancestral scar in public, but she wants to transform these scars by creating art with her intuitive skills and spiritual insides.  In 2017 she created two beautiful movies about her roots, where she invited her family into her artistic world by a series of performances in the Sinti community.

’My family is a huge source of inspiration for me because they don’t believe in a clock that wakes you up to go to school or to work. They measure the value of time with an inner compass: A free heart’’. When I create art with a  heart like this I can capture the mystical spheres and messages of my spiritual adventures very accurately. In order to share them with the world''

Morena Bamberger




2023 Maastricht NL, Bonnefantenmuseum, Ethereality

2023 Meersen NL, Synagoge, Terug naar de roedel presentation

2022 Heerlen NL, Glaspaleis Schunck, Canis lunatic, Reinconnection winner Parkstadlimburgprijs

2022 Roermond NL, Kapel in 't zand, Terug naar de Roedel

2021  Sittard NL, De Domeinen,  Home ground

2020 Roermond NL, ECI Cultuurfabriek, Canis lunatic at Leermeesters group show

2019  Maastricht NL, Bonnefantenmuseum, Ethereality 

2019 Kerkrade NL, Werkplaats K ,Canis Lunatic at Multiply by sharing group show

2019 Wittem NL, Klooster Wittem,Canis lunatic at  100 jaar vrouwenkiesrecht expo

2019 Bemelen NL, Kunstplateauroute, Reinconnection,

2018 Amsterdam NL, Melkweg, Home ground at Arty Party group show

2018 Amsterdam NL, Beurs van Berlage, Reinconnection at This art fair

2018 Venlo NL, Filmtheater de Nieuwe Scene, Home ground solo at as equals festival

2018 Roermond NL, ECI Cultuurfabriek, Home ground solo at as equals festival

2018 Heerlen NL, Cultura Nova festival, The land of Ayni performance

2018 Rotterdam NL, Tent award, Home ground at tent award groupshow

2017 Maastricht NL, Gasbunker, Echoes, group performance

2017 Heerlen NL, Nieuwe Nor, Parallel Music x Art project, group show

December 10th 2023 OdaPark, Venray NL 



2013 – 2018 - Bachelor Fine Arts,  Maastricht Academy of Fine arts and Design


2019 Artist in residence at Jan van Eyck Academy

2019 Artist in residence at VHDG Leeuwarden


2022 Schunck 2022 Chapeaumagazine 2022 l1 Limburg 2022 l1 radio Limburg 2022  Dagblad de limburger 2022 De domeinen Sittard 2021  ECI cultuurfabriek 2020 Metropolis M 2019 L1 Radio 2019 Jan van Eyck Academie 2019 Bonnefantenmuseum 2018 NRC Handelsblad NL 2018 Mister motley NL 2018 L1 NL 2018 Gilbert de Bontridderprijs 2018 Mister Motley NL 2018 Zuiderlucht NL 2018 Young poets NL 2018 Magazine Metropolis M NL 2018 Mister Motley NL 2018 De zorgdragerij NL 2018 Parallel project NL 2018 Lost painters 2018 De Limburger NL 2018 Kunstenaar 69 NL

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