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Zwarte lucht
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The original canvas of cosmic dragons is one unique piece.

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Zwarte lucht
DSC03964 copy.jpg

Cosmic dragons

How the universe was created

Cosmic dragons 2020

Acrylic on canvas

70 x 50 cm

Made and Signed by Morena Bamberger

I made this painting after a deep shamanic visionary journey.

In this live changing journey there was a moment when I felt alone and lost in the darkness.

Al fears and doubt suddenly wanted to interfere with my ego.

At that moment I felt empty.

As if nothing existed.

As if nothing was ever created.

There was only silence.

And then suddenly I felt a warm feeling trough my entire body.

I saw patterns and symbols of blue lights twinkeling like stars.

And when I looked around, magical beings of light were revealing themselves to me.

In my journey it was clear that these beings where cosmic dragons who carried ancient wisdom of how the entire universe was created. 

As they moved by the symbols on their skin peeled off like stardust.

These symbols carried healing powers en warmth.

In my shamanic journey, these cosmic dragons came to save my and heal me in a miracolous way.

I will forever charish this precious moment and I am grateful to share this vision and the erngy of these dragons trough my painting.

Written by morena Bamberger

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